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"O my God, take me from the hand of the sinful, from the hand of the wrong doer and the man without pity. For you are my hope, O Lord God, you are my trust since I was Young — Ps. 71:4.5"
Praise be to the Lord Almighty. With the abundant showers of blessings of the Lord Almighty the activities of the OCYM & MGOCSM of the Maddras Diocese was organised very well under the august leadership our beloved president Thirumeni H.G. Dr. Yuhanon Mar Diascoros. Thirumeni's blessed presence and encouragement was there with us throughout the year to make the activities more vibrant and fruitful. All the units in the diocese organised different programs, taking turns in each month on the whole the units were engaged throughout the year.
Leadership Programs
The year started with a bang for the movement with leadership programs being organised. The Chetpet unit organised a regional level one day leadership program in the month of May. The programme was conducted by our dear Rev. Fr. Varghese K. Varghese, General Secretary MGOCSM.
Representatives from all churches attended the one day program. A leadership camp ONYX (Orthodox Nectar for Young Christians) was organised at the theological seminary kottayam led by Rev. Fr. Philip Kuruvilla a few members from our church attended the camp hence the units were ready to start the year on a fruitful mode.
Quiz Competition & Blood Donation Camp
The Padi unit organised a regional level quiz competition in the month of September in memory of our former beloved diocese metropolitan Late H.G. Zachariah Mar Dionysious. A rolling trophy was handed over to the prize winners in our beloved Thirumeni's name. The Chetpet unit got the first prize. It was decided here that hereafter this Quiz competition will be organised on the Diocesan level. The Tambaram unit organised a blood donation camp to spread the social awareness amoung the youth.
Bible Study
The Broadway unit organised a regional level bible study class in the month of October. The bible study was conducted by our MGOCSM Diaspora Secretary Mr. Liju Varghese there was an active participation of all the member units. This was a point of starting the bible study so that all the units could follow this patterns in their own units in the course of the year.
Singing Competitions
The Padi unit conducted their 17th Inter Church Singing Competition Sangeetha Dhara 2010 in the month of November. All the units in Chennai region actively participated in this event. The event was filled with distinguished guest as judges and guest. The Koyambedu unit won the first prize this year. The St. Thomas Mount unit organised their singing competition HYMNS 2010 in the month of December. The program had individual singing and group singing also the event was a grand success. Members from all our units in the region participated in the event.
Sports Meet
The Perambur OCYM unit organised their 3rd One day Cricket match on 19th of February 2011. The tournament was inaugurated by our beloved Thirumeni. The toss for the match was tossed by our Rev. Fr. Anup Eapen. The match started with the first ball being bowled by our dear Very Rev. Fr. George Varghese Cor-Episcopa. Thirumeni in his inaugural speech quoted the youth as the athletes of our church. The Perambur unit won the trophy for the match.
One day Conferences
The Chetpet unit organised their fifth regional level conference Confluenz 2011 in the month of March. The conference was inaugurated by our Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Paul from Kolencherry. The sessions was led by Rev. Fr. Zerah Paul. The session followed by lunch was led by our Dn. Shaun from OTS Kottayam, there was a good participation from all the churches in Chennai.
The Koyambedu unit organised a one day conference also in the month of march with the them "let no one despise your youth". The session was led by Rev. Fr. Albin from the Malankara Catholic Church.
Youth Festival
The Coimbatore unit organised a Youth Festival involving all the churches in the region. The conference was presided by our beloved President Thirumeni. The program was conducted by our Coimbatore Cathedral Unit.
On the whole this year there was lot of activities in all our units. Almost all the units made a visit to our Vinayagapuram Mar Dionysious disabled home and spent their time with the children there tendered their love and care for the kids. Each unit have their own programs and schedules of meeting. These units meet almost twice in a month.
I thank our Vice President Achen Rev. Fr. Thomas Issac (Sam Achen) for his overall leadership in the movement activities and helped and guided me throughout the year Achen is a vibrant and energetic person and was physically present in all the meetings. I also thank our Diocesan MGOCSM Secretary Nikil Alex and our regional Secretary Allin John for all the support and help given to me. I also thank all the Vicars of all the Churches for making their respective church units active.
I specially thank our president Thirumeni for all his care, encouraging and innovative thoughts in bringing up the movement. This year Thirumeni has nominted and selected Mr. Mathew Varghese from Perambur Church to be the Diocesan Treasurer.
Last but not the least I thank God almighty for his abundant blessings and for guiding us so far.
With prayers in Christ
Diocesan Secretary, OCYM