We, the S G Mission collective, are happy to present the report of our activities during 2010-2011 with thanks giving to The Lord Almighty and all that helped and co-operate in the service of S G Mission.
Vision of S G Mission is to build society free from inequality, superstitions, selfishness, fear, alcohol, drugs, dowry, corruption, exploitation and society based on people's power, social injusties, self-reliance, communal harmony and safe environment. Mission of the organization is to struggle with people's participation, which is oppressed and marginalized in the socio-economic and educational fields.
Over the last decade the development strategies have under gone considerable change. S G Mission registered as SEARD Trust, like that in last years gave Emphasis on the work of development by empowering women and children in and around Srivaikuntam through education,Children's Home, formation and development of Self Help Groups, income generation programs for people below poverty line, Rehabilitation of Mentally and physically challenged people, education facility for dropouts, child labour and the like.
This Year we started one Congregation in Tirunelveli around 11 families are members of the Congregation, College students also attend the Holy Qurbana.
The main activities during the year under report are:
  4. WOMENS FORUM (SHGS for Savings and Credit)
Total beneficiaries under this scheme are 85 in our full time child labour special school students along with medication, orientation programs, vocational training program and education regular school syllabus. It has helped for them to continue students have come to mainstream; it has the main aspects of the child labour eradication program. Monthly parents meeting were conducted. The young men and women - who are school dropouts are the neediest group in this context. The local groups, which discussed these matters, confirmed the need for skill training to dropout youth in respective areas. There are 2 NFE centers in different villages in Srivaikuntam Taluk.
Under this scheme there are 35 childrens residing at our St. Gregorios Karunalayam, we admit the childrens who are school dropout and child labours. Most of the beneficiaries are the orphans, semi orphans and childrens from broken family. We provide special coaching, food, accommodation Medication, dress and vocational training to the pupil. We have five acre land for the development of the SEARD Trust there we plan a building construction for the Balika Bala Bhavan.
In one pre-school about thirty two students are getting the fundamental education and socialization process. For the parents this pre-school is blessing, as they are confident enough about the safety and security of their children while they are going to make a living by some daily labour. Every year about 12-15 students used to join regular school from our pre-schools. Regular monthly parents meeting with awareness classes human rights, importance of education health and hygiene, child development are educated.
WOMENS FORUM (SHGS for Savings and Credit)
In a society, income (wealth) and social status are interlinked. Low income is the main reason for the low educational standard among the rural poor. When they find it difficult to feed the family with meagre income, it is impossible to find money to educate their children, to provide health facilities and to spend for their lives. Many depend on moneylenders for immediate need, resulting in permanent indebtedness.
The number of dropouts is alarmingly high in the deep-rooted poverty of the families. At present SEARD is having 54 SHGs of which 5 SHGs is constituted in the year under report. 30 groups have Bank accounts. All Groups more than 80% of the amount was distributed as internal loans and 51 Groups had getting bank loans for different economic development activities. 30 groups are only the members from farmers family. These groups are regularly gathering for monthly meetings in which discussions and awareness sessions on various subjects. Monthly meeting in SEARD Office for all groups delegates there have awareness session conducted in various subjects.
SEARD Trust have conducted International Women's day program, Yoga and Naturopathy in Association with Ministry of Health, Child labour day program and several awareness meeting about health and hygiene, Ayurvedic Medicines and plantation, Organic farming, Vermy compost making, about the bio-fertilizers, environment protection, government schemes, Panchayatiraj, child right, human rights and free legal aid programme Associate with civil court in Srivaikuntam.
We have a St. Mary's tailoring training unit for village people about 42 people have get proper training from the center per year. This center has shifted from village to village wherever the SHGS want for training the village people and one centre in there have different type of craft and Technical Teacher Training course also provide to the village women's in Srivaikundam about 73 people get proper training from the year. 3 students had attended the tailoring and Embroidery higher examination. We have St. Gregorios Computer Training Centre in Srivaikundam about 30 students have get proper training from the centre.
Thanks to God Almighty for success of last year our all programs to service with people with name of God. Thanks to our Diocese Metropolitan H.G. Dr. Yuhanon Mar Diascoros, Priests, Board Members, Govt. Officials well wishers who have co-operated with us. In a society, Income (wealth) and social status are interlinked. Low income is the main reason for the low educational standard among the rural poor. When they find in difficult to feed the family with meager income, it is impossible to find money to educate their children, to provide health facilities and to spend for their lives. To help such people we need support from the Govt. Co-operation of the social workers, Community and institution to carry out the mission among the poor. Some of them are cared by us still we have to reach out many, support them which needs finance, education, labour sacrificial love of the care taker. We wish more but our area is Vast !....
As a nation we are obliged to build a healthy nation to achieve this goal led as start a thousand mile journey starts with a single step. Let us take that step that will entail a better tomorrow for the destitute and suffering people of country. In the absence of adequate care and attention the Partially abled children are facing a situation of stagnation of their mental and physical growth. So there is the need for Day Care and Special Education Centers for mentally and physically challenged and school dropout children's to be started in these areas.