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    Sunday School Annual Report – 2013-14

Orthodox Sunday School Association of the East


Bishops House, 4/51, Rajeswari St, Chennai 600029

Sunday School Annual Report – 2013-14

Madras Diocese

By the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, all our Sunday Schools are functioning well. It’s a pleasure to inform you that under the leadership of our Metropolitan H G Dr.Yuhanon Mar Diascoros, Diocesan Vice Presidents, Regional Vice Presidents, Vicars, Headmasters, Headmistress, Teachers, Inspectors, Association leaders, Parents, our loving Sunday School children are getting the right guidance to study and to follow the Orthodox Spirituality and to be strong in faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks to the leadership of our Vice Presidents – Rev Fr M P Jacob, Rev Fr Anish Mathew, Rev Fr Zachariah Mathew,   Rev Fr Thomas Varghese, Rev Fr Biju Mathew, Very Rev. Philip Thomas Cor Episcopa, Rev Fr Saji Thomas and other Diocesans office bearers – Mr J Kurian – Diocesan Representative, Mr V P Thomas – Treasurer and Mrs Mary Mani - Diocesan Zonal Secretary.

The OSSAE - Orthodox Sunday School Association of the East (Outside Kerala Region)  led by our new President –Metropolitan H. G. Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius, Director-                    Rev Fr Dr.Geevarghese K and team has been doing wonderful work for the Lord by organizing various activities, OVBS, curriculum planning, bringing out new editions of our text books which are activity oriented and many new ideas for training the teachers etc.


Here is a brief report of the Madras Diocese:


In the Annual Board exams held by OSSAE-OKR  for SSFC and XII std students, following are the top rankers from Madras Diocese in the examinations held in December 2013.

SSFC Results 2013 - Regular

1st Place -      – Shijoy Thomas, St.Thomas Mount, Puzhuthivakkam – 92 Marks

2nd Place -     - Anju Joy, St Mary’s, Coimbatore – 90

3rd Place -      – Rachel Mariam Renji, St Mary’s Chetpet, - 88




SSFC Results 2013 - Private

1st Place -      Alisha Elizabeth Alex – St Peter & St Paul, Koyambedu – 68 Marks

2nd Place -     Davidson Rajan Philip - St Peter & St Paul, Koyambedu - 67

3rd Place -      Namitha Ann Koshy – St.Marys, Chetepet - 65


XII Results 2013 - Regular

1st Place -         Ashly Chinnu Varghese, Mar Gregorios, Tambaram – 84 Marks

  2nd Place -   Akhila Mary Kuruvilla, St. Mary's Coimbatore - 81

  3rd Place -     Reuben M Cherian, St.Gregorios, Perambur - 79


  XII Results 2013 - Private

   1st Place -  Meghana Maria Tharakan, St.Peter's and St.Paul's Koyembedu – 73 Marks

   2nd Place -               Bency Abraham, Mar Gregorios, Tambaram - 68

  3rd Place -     Liby Sarah Koshy, St Mary’s, Eravanoor – 67




The Madras Diocese Kids Kamp and Teachers Training Program was held on

14th and 15th January 2014 at St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Broadway.

The camp was titled as : GO SOW GROW IN CHRIST

and OSSAE Golden Jubilee was also celebrated during this camp.

Theme: “My children, listen to what is wise”


H G Dr Yuhanon Mar Diascoros – Metropolitan Madras Diocese inaugurated the Kids Kamp                                                                                         

and released the Sunday School Diary 2014-15. Teachers who had completed 25 years of

service was also awarded. The camp fund raising Lottery Ticket Draw was held on the same day

and prizes were distributed.


There was unprecedented response to the camp with over 450 children and 100 teachers

 and parents attending the 2 day residential camp. Children from Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy

and Salem attended. Separate programs was conducted in 4 groups-  BETHELEM 4 -7 yrs,  

GALILEE 8 -12 yrs,  JERUSALEM 13 - 20 yrs and OLIVES (TEACHERS)


GO SOW GROW - Theme Talk for senior children was led by HG Dr Yuhanon Mar Diascoros,

and for junior children it was by Rev Fr Pradeep Ponnachan.

Golden Jubilee Theme Talk : “My children, listen to what is wise”   was led by

Rev Fr  Dr O Thomas, Director General of OSSAE.


On the last day Holy Qurbana in English was celebrated by Rev Fr Pradeep Ponnachan

Other sessions held are as follows:

Q&A with HG Dr Yuhanon Mar Diascoros

Bible Stories by felt method – Dr Prabhu, Child Ministry Expert

Speed Reading - Mr George Verghese

Personality Development Workshop- Mrs Susan Thomas

The Living Sacrifice - Holy Qurbana made simple for young minds - Mr Thomas Simon

Kids Activity Time – Mrs Preetha George

Time Management & Planning – Mr Mathai John


In addition to the above programme the children and teachers enjoyed Camp Fire,

Biblical Movies, Talent Show, Indoor Games, Outdoor Games. Magic Show, Biblical Games etc..

The highlight of the camp was the SING SONG sessions led by our own team

from MGOCSM & Youth Movement  – PSALMOS, they just rocked the children  with their action

 songs and lovely music.. The camp was led by Rev Fr M P Jacob and all Achens of Madras Region

in association with Madras Regional Team. Their contribution is invaluable.




The Teachers training program was also held on the same dates as the KIDS KAMP.

H G Dr Yuhanon Mar Diascoros, Rev Fr Dr O Thomas ( Dir General – OSSAE)

conducted interesting sessions for the teachers.

Other Topics were as follows-

High Impact Teaching Skills - Dr Prabhu, Children’s Ministry Expert from Bangalore

How to Handle Teenagers - Mrs Grace Lal – Counsellor from Kottayam

Learning Difficulties of Children - Mrs Elizabeth Alexander

How to Counsel Children - Mrs Grace Lal

Child & Parenting - Mrs Grace Lal

And many other sessions were organised.




This prestigious award was honoured to 4 teachers who have completed 25 years of service

in Sunday School.. Following teachers were the recipients - Mrs Mary Mani (HVF AVADI)

Mrs Leelamma Koshy (Thiruvitiyur) Mr Jose C Daniel (Broadway) and Mrs Sony Joy (Padi)

received awards from H G Dr Yuhanon Mar Diascoros during the kids kamp




The Sunday School Diary 2014 was released by our Thirumeni

during the inauguration of the Kids Kamp. This diary has been very useful for our children

with our Prayers, Songs, Photographs of our Saints and Bishops, and many other features.

The cost of the Diary is Rs.50 each and has been distributed to Sunday Schools on request.

We thank Rev Fr Abraham Jacob – Convenor and Mr P V Paulose – Inspector for the

coordinating the publication.



For the first time as per our Thirumeni‘s instructions Madras Diocese Inter Regional Sunday

School Competitions was held on January 26th 2014 at St.Thomas Orthodox Cathedral,

Broadway, Chennai. All existing rules of OSSAE OKR was followed and following are the results.








Rachel Mariam Renji

Agatha K Saji



St Mary's - Chetpet

St Mary's - Chetpet



Neethu Mathew

Jo Mathew Verosilove



St Peter & St Paul-Koyambedu

St George - Padi



Yohan Elias Tharakan, Ann Moni George, Ashwin Daniel Mathew, Miriam Rachel Mathew

Alisha Susan Aji,

Ansa Babu, Jeevan Thomas

 John, Lipiga K.S,

 Mevin Mathew George



St Peter & St Paul-Koyambedu

St George - Padi



Sneha Grace Mathews, Sharon M Charly, Hannah Sarah Abraham, Joshua Mathew Sudeep, Reuben Ninan Tharakan




St Peter & St Paul-Koyambedu




Neethu Mathew, Sherin Miriam Cherian, Feba Samuel, Kavya Verghese, Sunith M David.

John Itty Jacob,

Anish K, Asha Alexander,

Sneha Annie Jacob,

Meryl Mammen Kurien



St Peter & St Paul-Koyambedu

St Mary's - Chetpet



Sajan Varghese

Ann Merine John



St Gregorios - Tambaram

St Mary's - Injambakam



Nikita Manoj




St Mary's - Injambakam




Merisha Mariam George

Joel M Tharakan



St George - Padi

St Thomas - Broadway



John Itty Jacob

Akhil C Kuriakose



St Mary's - Chetpet

St Mary's - Injambakam



Meryl Mammen Kurien

Ashika Annu S Varghese



St Mary's - Chetpet

St George - Padi



Elisha Ellizabeth George

Dhanya Mariam Prince



St Mary's - Injambakam

St Thomas - Broadway



Rueben Ninan Tharakan

Shebin Paul



St Peter & St Paul-Koyambedu

St Gregorios - Perambur



Simon Elias

Merisha Mariam George



St Peter & St Paul-Koyambedu

St George - Padi



Anna Elizabeth Mathew

Abhilash A Abraham



St Peter & St Paul-Koyambedu

St Gregorios - Tambaram



Jo Mathews Verosilove




St George - Padi




Akhil C Kuriakose, Deepthi Cherian, Effy Oommen John

Alvin Issac Mathew,

 Shijoy Thomas, Vibin Alex



St Mary's - Injambakam

St Thomas - Mount



Meryl Mammen Kurien, Anish K, Jeena Mathew

Feba Samuel,

Nikhil Cherian Sam,

Neethu Mathew



St Mary's - Chetpet

St Peter & St Paul-



The winners of the following competitions – Essay Writing (Seniors and Secondary)

Solo Song (Seniors and Secondary)  Elocution (Seniors and Secondary)  

& Quiz (Seniors and Secondary)  will represent Madras Diocese in the

Inter Diocesan Competitions to be held at OSSAE OKR HQ in Nagpur in July 2014.




By Grace of God Almighty in Madras Region we have 14 Sunday Schools functioning smoothly.

Our Sunday school children are growing with the right spiritual guidance to follow

our true Orthodox worship and Holy Bible studies.


OSSAE (OKR) Madras Regional teachers one day conference was held at St Gregorios  Orthodox Church, Perambur on 29th June 2013 which was presided by our Metropolitan H G Dr Yuhanon Mar Diascoros and the program began with prayer song by St Gregorios Church Choir, Mr V P Thomas read a passage from the bible and a class was conducted by Mr Babu Daniel through visual presentation on ‘HOW TO TEACH SUNDAY SCHOOL STUDENTS’. There were 60 teachers, 4 priests and few students who took active part in the program.

The new office bearers of Madras Region was elected as per the following list for a period of 3 years.

Secretary – Mr O Samuel, Jt Secretary – Mrs Asha Alex, Treasurer – Mr Raju P George

Inspector – Mr P V Paulose, Internal Auditor – Mrs Soosama Simon


Arts competition was held at St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Broadway on 14/10/13 followed by competitions like solo song, elocution, group song, quiz, essay writing and prizes were distributed.

On 20/10/13 Bible verses competition was held for Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Secondary groups at St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Broadway after the Holy Qurbana.

Sunday School curriculum exam for classes 4th to 9th and 11th std was conducted on 1/12/13. Centralized  valuation was done at St Peter & St Pauls Church, Koyambedu on 14/12/2013.

SSFC and XII Class board exam of OSSAE-OKR was conducted on 7/12/13 at St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Broadway under the leadership of Sunday School Director Mr Mohan Daniel.

The prize for the best Sunday School of Madras Region (2013) was won by St Peter’s and St Paul’s Orthodox Sunday School, Koyambedu. The best student of Madras region was won by Ms Meryl Mammen Kurien of St Mary’s Orthodox Sunday School, Chetpet. She has won this award consecutively for the past 3 years.

GO-SOW-GROW IN CHRIST - The OSSAE-OKR Kids Kamp 2014 and Teachers Training program to celebrate the 50 years of formation of OSSAE was organized by the Madras Region in association with Madras Diocesan Team.

We thank God Almighty for all the miracles and blessings that has been showered on all our Sunday School activities and for all the blessings upon us by the Intercession prayers of St.Mary, Mother of God, St.Thomas, Apostle of India and St George and St Gregorios of Parumala.

We thank the support of our Metropolitan H G Dr Yuhanon Mar Diascoros, Vice President – Rev Fr M P Jacob, all our Priests, Headmistress, Headmasters, Secretary Mr O Samuel, Jt Secretary Mrs Asha Alex, Treasurer Mr Raju P George,  Inspector Mr P V Paulose, Internal Auditor Mrs Soosama Simon, Teachers, Parents and students.



Annual Report of the activities undertaken and executed by the Coimbatore Region of OSSAE-OKR, Coimbatore Region for the year 2013.    

1.         Introduction - The Coimbatore Region of Sunday schools had entered into its Fourth year of activities under a new vice-president and a brief sketch of the activities of the organization for the year 2013 in proudly presented as under.


2.         Reception to the new vice-president - A rousing reception was accorded to the newly appointed vice-president Rev. Fr.Anish Mathew on 25th Aug 2013 Sunday after the Holy Qurbana at St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral, Coimbatore.  Mr.P.T.Joy, Co-ordinator felicitated the newly appointed vice-president and hoped under Achen's leadership the Coimbatore Region will grow with much vigour and enthusiasm.  To express the Region's regards and respect, a "Ponnadai" was presented to Achen by the Inspector Mr.K.M.Chacko and a bouquet by the Secretary Ms. Anju Sinu.  On behalf of the St Mary's Orthodox Cathedral Sunday School, the Headmaster Mr.Mison Mathew presented a bouquet to Achen.


3.         Regional conference of teachers- The Regional conference of Sunday School teachers of this region was held on 2nd Oct. 2013 at St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral, Coimbatore. 28 delegates from 11 parishes of the region participated.  Mr.Babu Daniel, the chief resource person, conducted classes to the delegates on the subject "Effective use of Visual Media in Sunday School teaching-learning process".  Earlier the chief guest was welcomed to the conference by presenting a "Ponnadai" by the Vice-President Rev. Fr. Anish Mathew. The business session was handled by the Inspector Mr.K.M.Chacko, who explained the future plans of the Region.

The role of teachers and the importance of Sunday School teaching in parishes to strengthen the Church was explained by Rev. Fr. Alex John, the Private Secretary of H.H.Bava Thirumeni.

Rev. Fr. Anish Mathew gave a brief description of the genesis and growth of Sunday School organization from "Pallikudam" to the present state.

The Assistant Vicar Rev. Fr. Aby Philip taught the delegates the method of attracting the attention of pupils in Sunday Schools by adopting some instant intellectual games.


4.         Awards to Toppers of 2013. - As in the former years, the Toppers of SSLC, CBSE and the Hr. Secondary Board Examinations of 2013 hailing from the constituent parishes of Coimbatore Region  were honoured by awarding cash prizes, certificates and mementos  on 2nd Oct 2013 by the Vice President Rev. Fr. Anish Mathew at a Special function organized at St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral, Coimbatore.


The awardees were : S.S.L.C. Board Exam - March 2013

Topper            :            Ms. Tishaa Balu, D/o. Mr. Balu John,

                                    St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Madurai.  (492/500)

2nd Topper    :           Ms.V.Sara Varghese, D/o. Mr.M.P.Varghese,

                                    St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral, Coimbatore.  (487/500)

CBSE Board Exam - March 2013

Topper            :           Ms. Aneena John Panicker, D/o. Mr. John Panicker,

                                    St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral,  Coimbatore (All A+)

2nd Topper    :           Ms.Sreya Miriam Abraham, D/o. Mr..P.A.Abraham,      

                                    St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Thiruchirapalli.  (9/10 A+)

                                    Hr.Secondary Board Exam - March 2013.

Topper            :           Mr.Ruben V. Mathew, S/o. Mr. Mathew, 

                                    St. George Orthodox Church, Tirunelvei (1183/1200)

2nd Topper    :           Ms. Hemiya Ann Thomas, D/o. Mr.Thomas K.John,

                                    St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Neyveli.   (1159/1200)


5.         Common  Examination - As per the decision of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 25h August 2013, common exam question papers for std. VIII, IX & XI for 2013 Annual were set up by the Coimbatore Region on OKR Board model and the constituent Sunday Schools conducted the Annual Exam on the common day and made promotions to the next standard.


6.         Registration of Sunday School units - The Coimbatore Region is proud to state that it had achieved 100% registration of units with OKR Nagpur and presently there are 11 registered Sunday Schools in our Region.


7.         Teacher - Pupil strength -   The Coimbatore Region has 64 dedicated teachers and 322 pupils on the rolls of 11 Sunday Schools during the year 2014.  The unit wise strength of teachers and pupils of our Region are given below:



Name of the Sunday School

Strength of Teachers

Strength of Pupils


St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral, Coimbatore




St. Gregorios Othodox Church, Salem




St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Tiruchirappali




St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Mettupalayam




St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Coonoor




St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Madurai




St. Gregorios Orthodox Chapel, Sulur




St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Thiruvarambur




St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Tirupur




St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Neyveli




St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Pollachi








8.         Cover Collection 2013.- As in the previous years, the Sunday School cover collection in all units is progressing and a few units had already sent their collection to the headquarters.


9.         Kids' camp - The four fold increase in participation of teachers and Sunday School pupils in the Annual kids' camp at Chennai is a remarkable achievement of this year.  Pupils and teachers of St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral, Coimbatore, St.Gregorios Orthodox Church, Salem, St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Thiruchirapally and St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Thiruvarambur under the dynamic leadership of the vice-president Rev. Fr. Anish Mathew and the respective Vicars and Headmasters actively participated in the three day kids camp and made it a rememberable occasion in the life of the Sunday School community.

            We are in constant contact with the Sunday School units and we hope in the coming years the number of participating units in the Annual Kids' camp will increase and the benefits of the camp will be enjoyed by much larger community.


10.       Appreciation  - It is our duty to place on record the sincere and dedicated service of the former Vice-President Rev. Fr. P.P.Jacob, who worked relentlessly for the growth of their organization from its inception.


11.       OVBS - 2013 - According to the available reports from the respective units Orthodox Vacation Bible classes were conducted at Salem St. Gregorios Orthodox Church from May first to May third 2013 and at St. Mary's orthodox cathedral in the last week of May 2013.  Susbstantial number of pupils and teachers participated in the above classes.


12.       Screening of CDs of Holy Mass & Baptism.   - CDs containing high value narration, explanation and visuals of Holy Mass and Baptism, along with sacramental songs were screened during the one day Regional conference of teachers on 2nd Oct. 2013.  The Participants appreciated the contents of CDs which were of highly informative and useful.


13        Conclusion -             We conclude this report expressing our profound happiness and sincere thanks to our diocesan Metropolitan H.G. Dr. Yuhanon Mar Diascoros for His Grace's blessings and guidance, which enabled us to achieve what and all we had today.

            We also express our sincere thanks to our Vice-President Rev. Fr. Anish Mathew for the relentless work done by Achen for the progress of this orgnisation. Under Achen's able leadership, we believe, in the coming years this organization can undertake more valuable works for the glory of



By the grace of God the Sunday school activities in our church were conducted

smoothly and successfully under the guidance of Vicar Rev. Fr. Zachariah Mathew,  About 95 students attended classes from Beginners to Class-IX for 1 Hour after Holy Qurbana every Sunday. About 12 Teachers actively conducted the classes with utmost devotion.

The Kids and family camp, Annual Competitions for various extra curricular activities were held

and prizes were distributed to winners of various competitions.

Annual exam was conducted, Our Sunday school students actively participated in Christmas Programmes conducted by various organizations,



With the Almighty’s blessings, our Sunday School has been going on smoothly. We thank  Very Rev Philip Thomas Cor Episcopa, our  church Management Committee, the Achens, teachers, children, parents and grandparents for their support, guidance, commitment, effort and patience.

We have over 56 children and attend regular classes according to our Sunday school calendar.

OVBS, Annual Exams, Christmas Programs are held and children take part actively.



SYDNEY  - The St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Cathedral Sydney, Sunday School is determined to live up to its teaching ministry by ensuring the Faith, Discipline and Traditions of the Holy Church are instilled in every heart of our young children. There is a well organized Sunday School following the curriculum set by the Sunday School Association of the Malankara Orthodox Church of India. The classes are from Kindergarten through to Year 10 and follow the regular Australian school calendar, starting in January and ending in December. Currently we have seventy students and ten regular teachers and six relieving teachers.

In addition to the prescribed text, students are educated on the Holy Bible, taught devotional songs that are shared with the congregation, children are also educated on the history of the Orthodox faith, from its origin to present day events, making our children strong in religion, history and the Orthodox Faith.

The children have acting, musical and vocal talents. To exhibit these talents, they are encouraged to actively participate in all the cultural events that are conducted by our church and Martha Mariam Samajam.  

OVBS has become a vibrant wing of Sunday School organised during the Spring school vacation.

The success of our Sunday School can be attributed to the blessing from the Lord, the able leadership and guidance of our Achen, the dedicated and sincere teachers, the patient parents who wait while the children are learning and the eager and enthusiastic children.


BRISBANE - By the Immense Grace of God Almighty, Our Sunday School activities at St.George Indian Orthodox Church, Brisbane, Australia for the year 2013- 2014 went on very successfully. This Year we have 30 students. Five teachers fully dedicated to the ministry.  Every Week after Holy Qurbana, we are conducting Sunday School. We have conducted O.V.B.S classes. It was a remarkable event. All our Teachers, Parents and all church members worked together for the grand success of the O.V.B.S.

For our Christmas Carol events, Sunday School Students and Teachers had a great role. 

Sunday School is also functioning at, Melbourne – St Mary’s Cathedral and Dandenong – St Gregorios Orthodox chapel. Sunday schools are also active at Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Wagawaga and Townsville.



This report is presented with profound gratitude to the Almighty God, for the abundant blessings during the year. The year that went was very challenging through uncertainties, limitations and inconveniences with church service timings and venues. The quality and continuity of classes were affected very much and we are glad that the SS outlived it all, by the mercy of the Almighty One and by the unceasing intercession of our Patron Saint.


Our Sunday school classes are held immediately after the church service on Saturday evenings for most part of the year. Apart from following the OSSAE – Outside Kerala Region curriculum, we conducted special classes to familiarize children with the Holy Bible.

Other Activities - The OVBS, Christmas program and many other programs are held on a regular basis.



We thank our Lord God Almighty for giving us the strength and guidance to lead our young ones in the Christian faith by organizing regular Sunday School classes at the St.Thomas Orthodox Cathedral.

We have over 100 students attending Sunday School regularly.

Many activities are organised throughout the year like - Singing Competition, Children’s Day, Annual Exams, Christmas Programs and Talent shows.



The future of our church depends on how we educate our children, let us work together as one team and move forward. 

We seek the intercession of St Mary, St Thomas, St George, St Gregorios and St Dionysius and we express our thanks to our Metropolitan H G Dr.Yuhanon Mar Diascoros, Diocesan Vice President-Rev Fr M P Jacob,  Vicars, Headmasters, Headmistress, Teachers, Inspectors, Association leaders, Parents and our beloved Sunday school children.

We look forward to your prayers and guidance so that we help our children’s spiritual growth and development.

Thank You

Mohan Daniel  - Diocesan Director- Madras Diocese


( Kindly note : Annual Accounts Balance Sheet in the next page)